A Little Taste of Switzerland

(thought it was about time to post this up. wrote this a while ago, but Starbucks internet was uber slow. so here it is =D )

THE (world) MENU

We’re never ones to shy away from different foods-hey, how can we? We’re from Toronto, eh? Our weekend gatherings have somewhat taken on the mission of cooking different cuisines of the world(of course sharpening our cooking skills is a real resume booster for speed dating). Now, keeping in mind that it’s been a few weekends, and a lot of full stomachs afterwards, we will try our best to rate each of our meals.

Okay so there it is, let’s get started~

Suisse KVÄLL ( noun: night) credit: google translator

Cheese fondue

Ingredients: PC pre-packaged fondue set, with a mix of white wine.

This was definitely easy to make, just follow instructions. All you need to do, is cut the baguette into biteful sizes. It was a hit, but it was a concensus that the white wine overpowered the cheese flavour. Nonetheless, you’ll impress the guest with a dish like this. 580. For those who enjoy a little punch of flavour, we suggest using chilli powder –it was unexpectedly a great a match with the swiss cheese

Easy to Make: There’s nothing easier than watching pre-packaged cheese melt, and washing 3 dishes

Taste: It would be a 10 minus the white wine

Would you remake: Most definitely

Overall Satisfaction: 10/10, without high restaurant pricing, you can make guest leave with “oh la la’s” on your cooking skills

Spinach with lemon zest

A little side dish-cooked spinach with chilli and lemon zest.

Rosti with green onions

In a world where technology prevails, we darinlgy took a cheese grater and in an assembly line fashion, take turns shredding the extremely hot boiled potatoes (to cook the potatoes: cut in half, fork them like there’s no tomorrow, seep them in a bowl of water and microwave them for 5 minutes).

Diced red onions, green onions, salt and pepper were added to the grated potatoes. Pack into patties. With no eggs in the house, it was hard to make the patties stay in one piece. Usually eggs would be whisked into all the ingredients to make the ingredients stick together. Although difficult, with flipping formation, patties were pan fried into a crispy “shell”.

Easy to Make: Painful in manually shredding potatoes and making the patties stick( It doesn’t take much to make you appreciate EGGS!)

Taste: Not as flavourful as we had anticipated. Pan frying was a good idea, but carmalizing the onions and adding something with a stronger taste (e.g. bacon) would definitely have spiced up this dish

Would you remake: With a processor Yes! C’mon we live in the 21st century.

Overall Satisfaction: 7/10. It was a timely process, and could have been more tasteful.


Never one to waste good food—the girls re-used the red onions and green onions and sautéed with salsa dressing. This was used as a side dish.

Overall Satisfaction: Good. Sauces can make anything simple, special!


Go Canada Go!

after the screaming, frustration, pillow-throwing, bitten nails and chest pains…


we could not have asked for a better game on the last day of the Olympics.

Crosby with our awesome Canadian flag

credit: NBC

Right now, I’m enjoying every single second of the Olympics coverage on CTV before the closing ceremony, I just might feel a little bit empty on Monday without the excitement of the Games…

22 minutes & counting to the closing ceremony of one of the greatest Games!

bagged milk – the Canadian way

… up until Manitoba at least.

amidst the arguments over ‘Canadian identity’ during the Vancouver Olympic obsession, there’s no better way to put ourselves above the rest than with Bagged Milk. Yes, we said it. And so did Canadian ONTDers, here’s a look: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/44274916.html?thread=7169487844#t7169487844

In my (CDN) opinion…

On the ‘Opening Ceremonies’:

Well..having missed the start of the program due to dinner plans, we’ll say we began watching approximately an hour into the program. We saw a huge bear, some ice a melting, a few forest dancers, a child frolocking the fields up and down…(we were waiting fairly desperately for that segment to come to a close, really). Oh, right. Did we mention this was suppose to representative of the entire Canadian population—or perhaps we took a step back in time when Natives use to rule the land or a slight glimpse of the perpetual peasant life experienced by Saskatchewan-iens, Albertans, Manitoban-ites.

Coupled with pretty good contemporary dancers, seemingly getting in touch with the myriad of trees in BC forests OH and lets not forget “GOD?!”

As quoting one of the staffers, who eloquently put forth….[is the presentation going to be}] ” 1 hour Settlement, 1 hour Colonization,and 1 hour on Immigration?”

Let’s see…from the perspective of THE REST OF THE WORLD but CDNS– we are: Frolicking scottish fiddling tap dancers, who spend time dancing through our natural resources (shocking—no OIL CRANES scattered across the stage??), oh and our favourite game–you be the bear, i’ll be the eagle–and our common fear of avoiding ice sheets going to work-oh right, we don’t live in the North Pole!! Just because 60% of the event was covered with maple leafs, doesn’t make it canadian.

The high points: the speech, the lighting of the cauldron( minus the glitch….poor Catrina Le May Doan), the illuminated rollerbladers( is this a page out of the Beijing playbook?) , the ENTRANCE OF TEAM CANADA ••woot woot•• , and Shamu’s possy of course.

I would say overall it was a pretty proud moment for each and every Canadian. We rarely get much attn from the world so the fact that now, we are the subject of spotlight. So lets recap the days events so far…

Day 2:

Jenn Heil congrats! (you totally deserved gold)

nous sommes très fiers

Day 3:
Alexandre Bilodeau congrats

C'est magnifique

Kristina Groves congrats

aucune surprise pour nous

So proud of all the athletes so far, much more to look forward to!

What we’re anticipating…
Womens Hockey (18-0 Canada vs. Slovakia–ouch!)
Mens Hockey
Mens figure skating ( Patrick! Patrick!! ** Dazed & confused expression**[think opening ceremony])
Speed Skating

To end

Bring Out Your CDN Spirit!

(should be 0 days. don’t know why the Vancouver2010.com seems to be a day behind)

wear red & white, carry a Canadian flag, paint a maple leaf on your face.


credit: NYTimes

coffee & more

took us – 3 coffee, 4 brains, and 103 min to come up with – “fully staffed”.

I thought I could feel my brain cells popping that night…

Closed at 10PM

Start time: 8:40pm

End time: 9:56pm

Car time: 27 minutes

Total duration: 103mins

Feet cold

Happy midweek!